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The best time to visit Vadodara is from October to March. The Vadodara city has international airport which is known as Vadodara International Airport or Civil Airport Harni or Vadodara's Harni Airport. The Vadodara Junction Railway Station is one of the busiest and biggest railway stations in Western Railway Zone. Check out some details information about Vadodara in the following section.

About Vadodara

About Vadodara The city of Vadodara was previously known as Baroda. The Vadodara is truly one of the must visit tourist places in the state of Gujarat. The best time to visit Vadodara is during the winter season. Some of the best tourist places in Vadodara are Laxmi Vilas Palace, Sursagar Lake, Vishwamitri River, Ajwa Dam, etc. Read information about Vadodara Culture, Weather, history, population and many more.

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Places to visit in Vadodara

Places to visit in Vadodara The tourist places in Vadodara that are worth visiting are Laxmi Vilas Palace Vadodara, EME Temple Vadodara, Sursagar Lake, Vishwamitri River, Ajwa Garden, Ajwa Dam, Sayaji Sarovar, Tambekar Wada, Gates of Old Baroda, Qutbuddin Hajira, Sayajibaug and Kirti Mandir. The most enjoyable tourist places in Vadodarais Sayaji baug where you will visit Baroda museum, zoo and planetarium. The Baroda Museum and Art Gallery in Sayaji baug is truly amazing museum and very famous for its 2300 year old mummy. The Tambekar Wada houses 19th century old lovely wall paintings. Tourist will get to see various paintings showing scenes from Mahabharata, paintings of Hindu gods and goddesses and also paintings showing moments from Krishna's life. The Laxmi Vilas Palace is heavenly beautiful tourist place in Vadodara and must visit place. The interior of Laxmi Vilas Palace consists of beautiful chandeliers, eye-catching glass windows and jharokhas. The Sursagar Lake is a lovely place to spend some time with family, and also for boating. The Ajwa Garden is truly enjoyable place and noted for its colorful fountains and musical fountain. Explore Top tourist places in Vadodara here.

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Vadodara Weather

The temperature is very hot during the summer season in Vadodara. The maximum temperature during the summers in Vadodara is around 36 degree Celsius and minimum temperature during the summers in Vadodara is about 23 degree Celsius. The city of Vadodara experiences heavy rainfall during the months of June to September and the heavy rain causes the Vishwamitri River to flood its banks. The climate of Vadodara becomes humid as the temperature reaches to 46 degree Celsius. The weather during the winter season is mild. The maximum temperature during winter is about 30 degree Celsius while the minimum temperature during winter is around 15 degree Celsius. The weather during the month of January is mild chill.

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Best time to visit Vadodara

The Vadodara experiences hot and humid climate during the summer seasons. The climate of Vadodara is not at all favorable for travelling Vadodara as the climate is hot and humid. The rainy season starts in the month of June to September and the weather during the rainy season is humid and temperature goes till 46 degree Celsius so not the best time to go Vadodara. The winters in Vadodara are mild and cold northerly winds in the month January makes the weather mild chill. The winter is definitely the best time to visit Vadodara.

Vadodara Temples

Vadodara Temples Besides tourist places in Vadodara, the city is also noted for temples such as EME Temple, Galteshwar, Kayavarohan, Nyay Mandir and Kirti Mandir. This Galteshwar Temple is a remarkable temple of lord Shiva which is located near the River Mahi. The Galteshwar is not only a remarkable religious place but also amazing picnic spot for tourists. The Kayavarohan is also remarkable village and religious place which existed in all four yugas. Check out more temples to visit in Vadodara.

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History of Vadodara

The Vadodara History is very fascinating. The city of Vadodara is situated on the banks of River Vishwamitri. It is believed that the city of Vadodara got its name Vadodara from the Great Saint Vishwamitra. The Sayaji Rao Gaekwad III dream was to make city of Vadodara an industrial, commercial and educational centre and he ensured that his dream one day would become true. The City is also called as the Sayaji Nagari.

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Culture of Vadodara

Culture of Vadodara The Culture of Vadodara is very interesting and flourishing culture. The amazing feature about Vadodara's cultural traditions is that it is also famous in different countries. The city of Vadodara is home to people of different religions, people of every religion take part in all activities. The culture of Vadodara is not just a history; it is vibrant, lively and alive. The all traditions and culture of Vadodara are well preserved by people of Vadodara.

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Vadodara Festival

Vadodara Festival The most important festival in Vadodara are Navratri festival and Uttarayana festival. The festivals are the perfect time to travel the Vadodara city. The Uttarayana festival is also one of the enjoyable festivals in Vadodara and the perfect festival for kite lovers. Read more in details about each Vadodara festival here. The Vadodara People designs various types and shapes of kite

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Vadodara People

Vadodara People As the city of Vadodara is cultural, the people of Vadodara are very religious and down to earth. The best time to witness the enthusiasm of Vadodara People is during festive period. During festivals all the people of Vadodara take actively part in celebration and religious traditions.

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How to reach Vadodara

Vadodara by Air:
The Vadodara city has its own airport called Vadodara Airport. The Vadodara Airport is an international airport. The Vadodara Airport is also known as Civil Airport Harni. The Vadodara Airport is located at a distance of 5.7 kilometers from Vadodara railway centre. The Vadodara Airport is well maintained and security services are very good so you don't have to bother about how to reach Vadodara. If you are planning tour to Vadodara then by flight is the correct answer as there are regular flights from metro cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, etc.

Vadodara by Train:
The Vadodara city has five railway stations that are Vadodara Junction, Makarpura, Pratapnagar, Bajwa, and Vishwamitri. The Vadodara Junction Railway Station is the largest railway junction in the Western Railway Zone. The Vadodara Junction Railway Station is busiest junction in Gujarat. The Vadodara Junction Railway Station is located in the center of the city. The Vadodara Junction Railway Station is well connected to Mumbai and Delhi. All the trains passing through Vadodara Junction stop at Vadodara. You can also easily catch bus or taxi from Vadodara railway station as bus and taxi stand are located nearby Vadodara Junction Railway Station.

Vadodara by Bus:
The city of Vadodara is on the National Highway 8. The National Highway 8 connects Ahmedabad to Delhi and Mumbai via Udaipur, Jaipur and Ahmedabad. The Buses in Vadodara are managed by VTCOS city bus service and also other private passenger bus operators. The main bus stands in Vadodara are Chhani Bus Stand, Nizampura Bus Stand, Tarsali Bus Stand and Laxmipura Bus Stand.

Vadodara by Road:
The city of Vadodara is well connected to major metro cities by National Highway 8. The Vadodara is located at a distance of 100 kilometers from Ahmedabad and 500 kilometers from Mumbai.

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Things to do in Vadodara

Things to do in Vadodara The fun things to do in Vadodara are sightseeing, shopping, eating out. Some of the best tourist places in to visit in Vadodara are Laxmi Vilas Palace, Sayajibaug, Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum and many more. The Shopping is all about exploring handmade antique pieces, furniture and embroidery clothes.

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Vadodara Pin Code

The Vadodara pin code is 390001. Find out the full list of Vadodara pin code.

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Population of Vadodara

The Population of Vadodara city is approximately 2,065,771 as of 2011.

Area of Vadodara

The total area of Vadodara is 225 square kilometer that is 87 square miles.

Vadodara Map

You can view the Vadodara city map in this page. This Vadodara Map page shows the Vadodara Google Map and also Vadodara Road Map.

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Money Exchange in Vadodara

As Vadodara is one of the travel destinations in Gujarat it is not only visited by Indian tourist but also international tourists. There are many money changers in Vadodara. Check out the list of top companies that deals with foreign Money exchange in Vadodara.

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Hotels in Vadodara
5 Star Hotels in Vadodara
5 Star Hotels in Vadodara

There are numerous 5 Star Hotels in Vadodara that offer best facilities at decent rates. Check out the list of 5 Star Hotel in Vadodara that offer best facilities here.

4 Star Hotels in Vadodara
4 Star Hotels in Vadodara

You will also find many 4 Star Hotels in Vadodara offer excellent facilities. Check out the top 4 Star Hotel in Vadodara that will totally amaze you with its best services.

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Vadodara Tours

Rann Utsav Tour Rann Utsav Tour The Rann Utsav tour is of 3 Nights and 4 Days tour where tourist will explore Bhuj, Dhordo, Mandvi, etc.

Kutch Tour Kutch Tour The Kutch Tour is a 4 Nights and 5 Days tour where you will visit Bhuj, Banni Villages, Lakhpat, etc.

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