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History of Vadodara

It is said that the early human use to reside on the banks of the Mahi River which created the flood plains in that region. There are various proof of the existence and early settlements of early human History in Vadodara in the Mahi river valley at various places within 10 to 20 kilometers to the north-east of Vadodara. The History of Vadodara Gujarat is really interesting.

Vadodara History

There are also many proof of human settlement on the right bank of river Vishwamitri on a group of dunes located on the alluvium of the river which are said to be 1000 B.C year old. It also discovers the existence of the Stone Age Era.

During the beginning of the Christian Era, a small city developed at same place on the right bank of River Vishwamitri. Later this place was called as Ankotakka which is presently known as Akota. And the hillock on which this human settlement was established was called as Dhantekri. The entire human settlement was developed by clearing grazing land and thick forests.

Ancient History of Vadodara

Vadodara History The Vadodara History is incomplete without mention the origin of name Vadodara. The Vadodara city is located on the banks of River Vishwamitri. It is said that the Vadodara city got its name Vadodara from Great Saint Vishwamitra.

During 9th Century, the present day Akota was called as Ankottaka which was a small town and was well known for Jainism situated on the banks of River Vishwamitri in the 5th and 6th Century A.D. Some of unique Akota Bronze Images are still displayed in Vadodara Museum. Architecture discovery also date Vadodara back to this time.

The early trade settlers came here in the 812 A.D. The regal Vadodara province was mostly ruled by Hindu Kings till the year 1297. The Chalukya Dynasty conquered the Gupta Empire by vicious battle after the fierce rivalry. After then, the Gupta Empire was conquered by Solanki Rajputs, which spread the Muslim rule all over India and restrain of Power were then seize by Sultans of Delhi. The Vadodara city was controlled for a long time by these Sultans, until they were conquered by the Mughal emperors. During this time, Maratha Gaekwad's came into this monarch and marked their respectable region of Rule and later became the Capital of Maratha Gaekwads.

Modern History of Vadodara

Modern History of Vadodara The great History of the Gaekwad's started when the Maratha General Pilaji Rao Gaekwad captured Songadh from the Mughals in 1726 and the Mughal control came to an end in the year 1732, when the Pilaji Rao Gaekwad, Maratha General increased the Maratha campaigns in the South Gujarat and established a Kingdom for his family. Son and Succesor of Pilaji Rao Gaekwad that is Damajirao, conquered the Mughal Armies and captured Vadodara State in 1734. The Gaekwad successors increased the perimeter of their control over most of the areas of Gujarat. The Gaekwad's ruled the region till India Independence till 1947.

In 1875, during the mysterious rule of Maharaja Sayajirao III, it was believed as the Golden Period, as it was an Era of significant progress and accomplishment in all fields. The Maharaja Sayajirao ruled from 1875 to 1939, they contributed enormously to restore and reform Vadodara.

It was the dream of Sayaji Rao Gaekwad III to make Vadodara an industrial, educational and commercial hub and he assured that his dream would come true. The City is also referred as Sayaji Nagari.

The Vadodara State was merged into Bombay State, when India gained Independence in Year 1947. On 1st May 1960, Bombay region was then further divided into Gujarat State and Maharashtra State, after which Vadodara city became a part of Gujarat Officially. Now, Vadodara is one of the best Tourist places in Gujarat.

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