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The city of Jamnagar is situated on the west coast of India in Gujarat. The Jamnagar is 5th largest city in the state of Gujarat. The best time to visit Jamnagar is from October to February that is during the winter season. Explore more information about Jamnagar below.

About Jamnagar

About Jamnagar Jamnagar is among the best travel destinations in Gujarat. Jamnagar is home to many amazing tourist places such as Lakhota Lake, Ranmal Lake, Ranjitsagar Dam, Gaga Wildlife Sanctuary, etc. Besides tourist attractions, Jamnagar is well-known for its beautiful Bala Hanuman Temple. Find out more information about Jamnagar such as Jamnagar people, weather, history, etc.

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Places to visit in Jamnagar

Places to visit in Jamnagar Some of the most visited Jamnagar Tourist Attractions are Lakhota Lake, Gaga Wildlife Sanctuary, Ranmal Lake, Ranjitsagar Dam, Rozi and Bedi Ports. The Lakhota Lake is one of the popular tourist attractions in Jamnagar where you can spend some memorable time with family or friends while enjoying chaat at various chaat stalls. There is a fort like tower near the Lakota Lake known as Lakhota Tower which is now transformed into a Museum where you will get to see various unique artpieces. The Ranmal Lake is one of the perfect places for bird watching in Jamnagar, where you will get to see various species of birds mostly during the migratory period. The Gaga Wildlife Sanctuary is a must visit tourist place in Jamnagar. The Gaga Wildlife Sanctuary is also perfect place for watching various species of birds such as pelicans, demoiselle cranes, Spot-billed Ducks, common cranes, flamingoes and great Indian bustard. You will also get to see various mammals such as mongoose, jungle cat, Indian wolf, nilgai, golden jackal, etc.

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Jamnagar Weather

Summers are usually hot and humid. The maximum temperature during summer reaches till 40 degree Celsius and minimum temperature is about 24 degree Celsius. In the month of July, Jamnagar receives heaviest rainfall. In the months of August and September during monsoon, Jamnagar receives decent rainfall. The Ahmedabad experiences moderate climate during winter season. The maximum temperature during winter is about 32 degree Celsius, while the minimum temperature during winter is about 12 degree Celsius.

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Best time to visit Jamnagar

The summer season starts from March and last till June. Summers are hot and humid. Summer season is not at all the perfect time to visit Jamnagar as the weather is dry and hot. The monsoon season is from June to September, with heavy rainfall in July and adequate rainfall in August and September. The monsoon is also not the right time to visit Jamnagar. The winter starts from October and last till January. The climate is moderate during winter season. Winter season is the best time to visit Jamnagar.

Temples in Jamnagar

Temples in Jamnagar Jamnagar is home to countless temples as it is one of the sacred places in Gujarat. The Girnar Jain Temples are among the most visited Temples in Jamnagar which are noted for their heavenly architecture. Around 866 beautiful Temples are located on Girnar Hills. The Bhavnath Temple is also one of the main Jamnagar Temples. The best time to travel the Bhavnath Temple is during the Maha Shivratri festival. Check out the list of Jamnagar Temples here.

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History of Jamnagar

History of Jamnagar The Jamnagar History is very interesting. Once when Jam Rawal's had gone for hunting on a place which is presently known as Jamnagar where he saw a hare which was very brave that attack the hunting dogs and putting them into fight. Impressed by this event, he thought that if this place can reproduce such brave hares, then men born in this place would be brave than any other men. So Jam Rawal decided to make this place his capital.

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Jamnagar Culture

Jamnagar Culture The Jamnagar is popular for its arts and craft. Jamnagar is very famous for its Bandhej work and you can find different types of bandhej fabrics here. Jamnagar is also famous for brass showpieces and people from all over India come here to shop brass showpieces. You can also witness various cultural traditions performed during the festive time.

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Jamnagar Festivals

Jamnagar Festivals The main festival in Jamnagar is Maha Shivaratri festival during which fair and cultural events are held for 5 days. The Girnar Parikrama or Lili Parikrama is also one of the noted festivals in Jamnagar during which pilgrims travel around mount Girnar. Find out more detail information about Maha Shivaratri and Lili Parikrama festival of Jamnagar here.

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Jamnagar People

Jamnagar People The Jamnagar People are very famous for their arts and tradition as Jamnagar is one of the sacred places in India. You can witness the various traditions performed by Jamnagar people during the festive period. Explore in depth about Jamnagar people and traditions here.

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How to reach Jamnagar

Jamnagar by Air:
The Jamnagar airport is located at a distance of about 10 kilometers from the main city centre. The Jamnagar Airport is also called as Govardhanpur Airport. If you are planning trip to Jamnagar and worried about how to reach Jamnagar, then by air is the best answer as it is very comfortable and easy to travel. The Jamnagar airport is one of the major airports in Gujarat with daily domestic flights connecting major Indian cities to Jamnagar. The Jamnagar city is connected to major cities such as Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Vadodara, Delhi, etc. The rickshaw stand, bus stand and taxi stand are also located near the airport so you can also easily catch taxi, rickshaw and bus to reach the city.

Jamnagar by Train:
Jamnagar is the nearest railway station, located about four km away. There are daily trains to and from various Indian cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune, etc. The Taxis are also easily available from the Railway Station as the rickshaw and bus stand are situated nearby the railway station.

Jamnagar by Bus:
The Jamnagar city is well attached to major cities such as Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi, etc. The Jamnagar bus stand is situated about 2 kilometers away from main city. There are daily buses from other major cities of the nation to Jamnagar. You can also book private car to reach your destination within city from the Jamnagar Bus Stand.

Jamnagar by Road:
The Jamnagar roadways and highways connecting main cities of country are well maintained. As the city is well connected to other Indian cities you can easily travel Jamnagar by Road.

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Things to do in Jamnagar

Things to do in Jamnagar You can do excursion in Jamnagar that is visit to Uparkot, Willingdon Dam, Datar Hill and many more. You can also go for trekking in Girnar Hill. There are many shopping places in Jamnagar. Shopping in Jamnagar is all about shopping of marble artifacts, traditional footwear and clothes.

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Jamnagar Pin Code

The Jamnagar pin code is 362001. Find out the full list of Jamnagar areas with their pin code.

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Population of Jamnagar

The population of Jamnagar city as of 2011 is approximately 5, 17,350.

Jamnagar Area

The total Jamnagar area is 160 square kilometer that is 60 square miles.

Jamnagar Map

You can view the Jamnagar city map here. This Jamnagar Map page shows the Jamnagar google Map and Jamnagar Road Map.

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Foreign exchange agents in Jamnagar

As Jamnagar is one of the famous pilgrimage site in India it is visited by tourist all-round the world. There are Foreign exchange agents in Jamnagar. Find out the list of best Foreign exchange agents in Jamnagar.

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Hotels in Jamnagar
3 Star Hotels in Jamnagar
3 Star Hotels in Jamnagar

Check out the top 3 Star Hotels Jamnagar that offers excellent facilities at reasonable prize. There are many amazing 3 Star Hotels in Jamnagar for accommodation.

4 Star Hotels in Jamnagar
4 Star Hotels in Jamnagar

The 4 Star Hotels in Jamnagar are noted for their luxurious room facilities and services. Find out the list of Best 4 Star Hotels in Jamnagar that offer good services.

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Jamnagar Tours

Rann Utsav Tour Rann Utsav Tour The Rann Utsav tour is of 3 Nights and 4 Days tour where tourist will explore Bhuj, Dhordo, Mandvi, etc.

Kutch Tour Kutch Tour The Kutch Tour is a 4 Nights and 5 Days tour where you will visit Bhuj, Banni Villages, Lakhpat, etc.

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