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Vadodara Tourist Attractions

EME Temple Vadodara The EME Temple Vadodara was built by the Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (EME) Corps. The EME Temple Vadodara is an unusual modern looking temple. The EME Temple Vadodara is devoted to Dakshinamurti, a form of Shiva as the supreme teacher. The aluminum structure is a fascinating piece of army architecture and includes the sacred symbols of all religious in one place as the Indian army normally does not have places of worship for different religions. The garden located around EME Temple also exhibits collection of 106 historic statues from the 6th to 16th century. The EME Temple Vadodara is truly among the must visit tourist attractions in Vadodara.

Nyay Mandir Vadodara The Nyaya Mandir is one of the remarkable monument of Byzantine architecture. The eye-catching Medley tiles are used for decorating the central hall of this Nyaya Mandir Vadodara. The Nyaya Mandir Vadodara is a beautiful temple.

Kirti Mandir Vadodara This lovely Kirti Mandir marks the diamond jubilee of the birth of Sayajirao III. Its pinnacle is decorated with a bronze sun, earth, moon and map of India. The scenes inside portray the Mahabharata war and the life of Mirabai. During the Diwali festive season exhibition of rangolis is held in this Mandir. The Kirti Mandir Vadodara is also one of the worth visiting Vadodara attractions.

Tambekar Wada Vadodara The Tambekar Wada is also one of the interesting tourist places in Vadodara. The Tambekar Wada Vadodara is the former residence of the Baroda State diwan, Bhau Tambekar. This Tambekar Wada has magnificent wall paintings of the 19th century. The Tambekar Wada Vadodara is one of the worth visiting Vadodara attractions.

Central Library Vadodara One of the inheritances from the Gaekwads, it is the fascinating Central Library which is located near the Mandvi Gate. This Central Library Vadodara was the centre of library activity across Vadodara State, bringing books to people in the inner areas through initiatives such as mobile libraries. Presently it houses more than 300,000 books. The Central Library Vadodara is among the fascinating Vadodara attractions.

Galteshwar Vadodara The Galteshwar is not only famous tourist attraction in Vadodara but also beautiful picnic spot for tourists. The Galteshwar Vadodara is located near the River Mahi. This Galteshwar temple is a temple of lord Shiva. The countless devotees visit this Galteshwar Mahadev temple. The Galteshwar is one of the enjoyable Tourist Attractions in Gujarat.

Sri Aurobindo Niwas Vadodara Sri Aurobindo Niwas was once the home of Aurobindo Ghose, who was the personal secretary of Sayajirao III and then later became the Vice Principal at the Baroda College. Aurobindo Ghose went on to become a freedom fighter, political and social thinker, philosopher and yogi. Some of his personal things are displayed here. The Sri Aurobindo Niwas Vadodara is open to all for meditation. The Sri Aurobindo Niwas has a library of Aurobindo literature and also a study room. The Sri Aurobindo Niwas Vadodara is one of the peaceful attractions in Vadodara.

Qutbuddin Hajira Vadodara This maqbara, locally known as Hajira, was built somewhere around 1586 over the grave of Qutbuddin Muhammad khan, who was a general in the army of the Mughal Emperor Akbar and then later became the governor of this region. The tomb has a quiet importance and is eye-catching. There is an old stepwell nearby Qutbuddin Hajira Vadodara. The Qutbuddin Hajira Vadodara is also one of the peaceful Vadodara tourist attractions.

Pols in Vadodara Like other old cities of Gujarat such as Ahmedabad and Patan, Vadodara city also has pols. In spite of modern city development, about 60 pols are situated around the Mandvi and Raopura Tower and many of them are constructed before the 18th century. These elegant pols offer a glimpse of the architectural style famous during that era. Some beautiful Havelis and old structures still stand in Narsinh ni Pol, Jagmal ni Pol and Dala Patel ni Pol. The Pols in Vadodara are also among lovely Vadodara attractions.

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