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Gujarat Folk Dance

The folk dance Culture of Gujarat is a celebration of energetic music and colorful costumes. Most folk dances in Gujarat have religious or social significance and are participatory, although sometimes exclusive to one gender or the other. There are many folk dances in Gujarat such as Garba, Garbi and Raas, Tippani, Dangi Nritya, Hudo, Matukadi, Siddi Dhamal. Check out the Gujarat Folk Dance list given below.


Garba The Garba is Gujarat's famous folk dance. The Garba word derived from Sanskrit word garbha deep which means an oil lamp placed in a holed earthen pot. The Garba dance is performed in a circle around the holed earthen pot to celebrate the Navrartri Festival. The Navrartri Festival is celebrated in honors Goddess Amba who fought nine nights to destroy a devil. The Garba dance is a form of worship offered by women to Goddess Amba. The Garba dance includes clapping of hands and moving feet in different combinations according to the rhythm of the song. The Garba is also performed at religious functions, marriages, etc. Navratri Garbas usually sing songs of the Mother Goddess. The Garba dance is expression of emotions that characterize the human condition. Traditionally only women use to perform Garba. The Garbi is a similar dance form performed by men. The Garbi dance is very energetic dance that involves circular actions performed with fast speed and elegance. It is popular Gujarat Folk Dance.


Raas The Raas is a dance form that is performed in such a way that includes beating of pairs of sticks (dandiya) together. The Raas is a favorite dance of Krishna which can be seen in paintings and artwork. The Men and women often dance together in Raas. Nowadays Raas includes orchestras instead of the traditional drummer. It is one of the energetic Gujarat Folk Dances.


Tippani The Tippani dance form came into existence in Chorwad region of Saurashtra in Gujarat. The Tippani dance form came into existence from an old practice of beating lime into the foundation of a house with a tippani, a long stick fitted at one end with square wooden or iron block. The women invented this Tippani dance form to enjoy the tedious and tiring process. The women stand in two lines facing each other and beat the tippani in rhythm while singing and dancing. The Tippani dance form is performed in festivals and marriages. It is one of interesting Gujarat Folk Dances.

Dangi Nritya

Dangi Nritya The Dangi Nritya is a lovely dance form based on pace and formation. The Dangi Nritya dance form came into existence in the Dangs. The Dangi Nritya is one of the folk dances in Gujarat full of energy, skill and enthusiasm. The Dangi Nritya is performed in such a way that men and women interlock hands at the waist and form a chain and dance in synchronization while maintaining a serpentine movement. There are more than 25 different chala or formations of Dangi Nritya, including that of a human pyramid, which are intricate with the music of the dhol and pavri. It is one of enjoyable Folk Dance Gujarat.


Hudo The Hudo dance form is mostly performed by the Bharvad or shepherd community, especially at the Tarnetar Fair in Surendranagar. The Hudo dance form is performed in such a way that performers face each other in pairs and clap palms with one another while shuffling back and forth on their feet. The dancer movements are an attempt to imitate those of two sheep ramming their heads. The hand and foot movements in Hudo dance form create a uniform sound and music. It is one of lovely Folk Dance Gujarat.


Matukadi The Matukadi dance form is mostly performed by the Rabari and Bharvad communities. The women rotate brass pots between their palms, using their ringed fingers to create music as they move their feet gracefully. The Matukadi is a lovely Gujarat Dance.

Siddi Dhamal

Siddi Dhamal This Siddi Dhamal dance form is performed by the men of the Siddi communities in jafrabad and jambur and came with them from East Africa. The dancers wear headdress and skirt beautifully decorated with peacock feathers. The dancers dance to the tempo of the dhol, and a smaller two-sided drum, called dhamal. A mashira which is a coconut casing filled with shells and wrapped in a green cloth is used as a prop in the Siddi Dhamal dance form. The Siddi Dhamal dance form is distinguished by the vigorous jumping, the tempo of the drums and the fierce facial expressions, the climax of this dance is the tossing of the mashira up in the air, followed by its cracking on the dancer's head. It is a fascinating Gujarat Dance.

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